Lance Fuller, a renowned voiceover artist, originally hails from Wisconsin, USA, where he spent his formative years before embarking on a journey that led him to California, where he resided for over a decade. Currently, Lance calls London, his home.

Lance has made his mark in the realm of video games, lending his distinct voice to titles such as Hitman 2 and 3, Elex, Way of the Hunter, The Settlers: New Allies, and Undecember. Not limited to gaming, Lance’s talents have extended to the world of audiobooks (among many other genres), where he played a great role in Sandman Book IV with Audible. He also left an indelible mark on Moby Dick adapted by the Wireless Theatre Co.

Recognized for his exceptional talents, Lance Fuller is a One Voice Awards Winner for Best Drama Performance Male 2022 as MasonĀ LaneĀ in Cold Case Crime Cuts. He was also shortlisted for the One Voice Awards in the categories of Best Gaming Performance Male in 2019 and Best Nonfiction Audiobook Narrator in 2021.

Beyond his impressive professional accomplishments, Lance is a trained and experienced improviser, adding another dimension to his already remarkable skill set.

  • Hitman 2
  • Hitman 3
  • Elex
  • Way of the Hunter
  • Ubisoft Settlers New Allies
  • Cold Case Crime Cuts / Auddy (multi-award winning spoof true crime podcast)
  • Moby Dick (Wireless Theatre Company)
  • Hunt for Red October (Audiobook)
  • American Express GBT
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Undecember
  • Deloitte GCC VAT
  • Penguin Random House

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