Jack Ayres is a versatile and engaging voice actor specialising in character voices for video games and animation. His natural voice is a youthful and friendly British RP, however he is able to turn up his native South Wales with ease, as well as a variety of high standard UK and US accents such as West Country, London, Yorkshire, General US and New York amongst others.

Jack can bring emotion and energy to any script, and is often brought in to play multiple characters on projects due to his wide range. He has featured in over 25 titles from AAA to Indie with everything in-between.

He prides himself on a trustworthy, warm and fun tone that also makes him perfectly suited to a wide span of work spanning from commercial and corporate to audiobooks (especially sci-fi, fantasy and children’s literature).

  • Baldurs Gate 3 – Larian Studios
  • Arknights – Hypergryph
  • The Forgotten City – Modern Storyteller
  • Expeditions Rome – Logic
  • Ravenbound – Avalanche
  • Hypercharge Unboxed – Digital Cybercherries
  • Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space & Time – WFS
  • Solium Infernum – League of Geeks
  • Asterix & Obelix: Slap Them All! – Microids
  • Zopa Bank

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