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With the world in Lockdown, voice over artists are having to change their working habits alongside everyone else. There are no studios to turn up to, there are no face to face meetings, there is no flesh to press. However some 80 of our artists have professional home studios that they’ve been working in for years. Not only do many of them use ISDN or Source Connect, allowing studio quality recordings to be made by any client, they also have their own editing facilities too.

Few agencies specifically promote artists with home studios, but we’ve always highlighted the talent on our books that have professional studios at home. Unless you’ve worked with an artist for some time and tested the quality of their studio, how can you be sure of what you’re getting? The beauty of our talent is that we know them, we’ve hand picked them for their skill and we’ve tested their home studio for quality and noise, and can list the equipment they are using.

We’ve also worked with home studio experts, holding webinars in the last couple of weeks, to ensure that those artists who wanted to build their own studio know just what standards they need to reach and what equipment they need to ensure they invest in a professional setup.

We believe that even after lockdown is released that this method of working will become more commonplace, and clients will benefit from the swift turnaround that Excellent Talent can offer and a simpler method of procuring audio. While we know that a home studio will never be as good as the skills of a great sound engineer and a beautifully constructed recording studio, it will create another delivery method through which client and voice can produce amazing work together.

Just look for the green flag on the artists profiles on our website to see which artists are available to work with you right now.

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