George Sesay Actor & TV Presenter


George Sesay the fun loving, happy going presenter. He is dynamic, charismatic and fitting for anything you throw at him. George’s quick wit and smile has established him as the great live host he is. From consistently hosting various events for the team down at world known dance studios Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. To hosting Reading Christmas lights switch on, music artist album launches and many charity events. George is diverse in more ways than you think, he has interviewed an array of people from city mayors to TOWIE legend James Argent and previous Love Island winners Cara & Nathan. Whilst not forgetting the biggest name of all Pudsey bear. George’s TV credits include recording TV pilots that were filmed in well known TV studios Maidstone Studios & Sky Studios. Also Georges TV credits include work with BBC English Learning programme.

George has the smile and jokes fitting for family entertainment but also the quick wit and cheekiness for entertainment after the watershed. With his infectious laugh and happy personality George is someone you won’t forget and you want to stick around. This warm welcoming, high energy, loud laughing, smiling presenter is ready to give you the energy no energy drink could ever provide.



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