AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE, OI OI OI! Every company needs at least one Australian and ours is Josie Rollin, Head of Acting for Stage and Screen. Having always been fascinated by the entertainment world, it wasn’t about choosing this industry but rather finding the right role in it.

After obtaining a BA Communications Theatre/Media degree, studying Film and Television in New York and interning in Bollywood, Josie quickly climbed the production ladder of Australian TV. But Josie’s dream to live in the UK was nagging away and as we only have one life to live, she quit her job, flew to London and has never looked back.

Before finding the career she knows she was born to do, Josie had a variety of roles in TV and Theatre across the UK. Then it struck. The being hit by lightning moment. Josie realised that within every job she has ever had, her favourite aspect was looking after artists.

In 2017 Josie started her Agenting journey and has since uncovered a proven aptitude for discovering, nurturing and managing actors for Stage and Screen, building clients careers and securing their dream roles. Some highlights include: professional debut’s on the West End, The National Theatre, and lead roles on UK Tours, series regulars on soaps, Hulu & Disney series, as well as a number of guest lead roles and screen debuts on Netflix, BBC, ITV, FX, Amazon, not to mention national and international ad campaigns and multiple VO roles for feature films and DreamWorks series.

At the end of a days grafting, if not at the theatre, you can find Josie snuggling up to her fur baby Neville Wigglebottom with a G&T watching anything and everything on the TV.

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