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Born in Argentina, Federico has been involved in the voice-over world from a very young age, and even went on to study VO and Dubbing with some of the most respected dubbing directors and actors in Buenos Aires!

He is currently finishing his Musical Theatre diploma from Associated Studios in London, where he has lived since 2009. Character voices and singing are well within his area of VO expertise! You can even hear his voice spouting all kinds of commands from the Hasbro’s Spider Man Homecoming and the Star Wars Stormtrooper action figures, sold in Mexico and the US!

Federico is currently the official voice for 20th Century Fox Latino movie trailers, and is an expert at promos as well!


Since 2012, he has been the official voice of the GPS navigation software, Waze, for all their instructional videos and ads, and is also one of the available voices on their app- so you can drive around with his help!

If you have been impressed so far by all these accolades (and how could you not have been?!), you’ll absolutely want to check Federico out for yourself here:

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